What do Developers need from Windows Phone 7 and its API ?

Are you a Windows Phone 7 Developer ? or Are you planning to kick start the Windows Phone 7 Development?

What are the features that you are expecting from the Windows Phone 7 SDK for building great Silverlight and XNA Windows Phone 7 Apps ?

Here’s a Customer feedback site for Windows Phone Developer via WPDev UserVoice forum. Fill in the feature or your feedback on the Windows Phone 7 Developer .

The  Suggestions will be reviewed and read by the Windows Phone Application platform team . The idea or the feedback will certainly help to improve the Windows Phone 7 Development .

Some of the top ideas or the feedback for the Windows Phone 7 Developer include

  1. Provide early beta of new OS updates to developers for installation on devices.
  2. Bluetooth Support
  3. Direct Access to Contacts
  4. Can Set custom ringtone and custom alarm bells
  5. Use phone as USB disk, Internet sharing connection (WiFi access point), Remote Desktop Connection or at least get access to local network shares
  6. and Many more …

Some of my picks include the Direct Access top Contacts . Instead of the Choosers selecting the Email Address and Phone Numbers , the support to choose entire contact object woth name etc should be useful .

Also the Official grand launch of the Windows Phone in different emerging markets together with the Market place is also required  🙂

What us your feedback on the Windows Phone for Developers ? Vote or provide new ideas here