Update for Microsoft .NET Framework 4 is now available for download

Microsoft has released an update to Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 ( KB2468871 ) which can now be downloaded from the Microsoft Download Center.

The Update to the .NET Framework 4 provides the cumulative roll-up updates for the reported issues by the customers on the post-.NET Framework 4 release.

The update includes the fixes for around 35 issues and introduces 6 new features. This update is offered to customers running 32-bit Windows OS including Windows 7 SP1.

It is also to be noted that the service pack 1 for Visual Studio 2010 was released few months back and then .NET Framework 4 Platform Update 1 .

Some of the new features include

  1. A new switch is added for the Visual Basic compiler that allows for server control output of HTML5-friendly elements.
  2. The update extends the support of the portability files to compile Silverlight 5 XAML files.
  3. New syntax lets you define a TextBox control that is HTML5 compatible.

The Complete set of features and bug fixes can be found on the Microsoft Support site

Download the .NET Framework 4 Update here