Top 8 Websites To Learn Windows Phone 7 Development

Windows Phone 7 is the Mobile OS from Microsoft that was launched last year .

The Windows Phone 7 Marketplace has more than 25000 App and still going strong . Now with the announcement of the WIndows Phone Mango ( Beta ) and SDK . Looks like Developers need to know a bit more about the API and get the complete use of the SDK .

There are quite a lot of Resources that can help the Developers ( preferably the startup developers ) to kick start the Windows Phone Development .

Here comes the list of 8 websites that i feel are really worth checking out .

1. MSDN – Windows Phone Development

It cant get better for Developers when the Developers have the proper developer / API guide . Yes its the MSDN which contains lot of valuable resources like How To , Class Library Reference . Code Samples  .

Simply put together , an MSDN for developer is more than enough for a developer to kick start WP7 Development .

2. Windows Phone 7 Developer Guide – Microsoft Patterns and Practices Team

A book in the online format that helps the developers to get familiar on how to develop , design and implement Applications for Windows Phone 7 .

Although the Book talks about Windows Phone 7 ,lot of concepts still hold good for Windows Phone 7.5 / 7.1 too . Hopefullt Microsoft updates it for the newer version .

3. Windows Phone codenamed “Mango” Training Course

Although targetted at the Intermediate Developers , this one is a great resource with some sample App / Hands on lab that showcase Local Database support and Alerts and Reminders

4. Dzone – Windows Phone Zone

Althought not in any order , this site provides the aggregation of the interesting blog articles from Different Developers . The Zone is dedicated to the Windows Phone Developers .

5. 31 days of Windows Phone by Jeff

Welcome to the 31 Days of Windows Phone. This is a journey through a ton of different topics in development for the Windows Phone platform.

Jeff earlier had an interesting series where he talked about Windows Phone 7 for 31 days which almost covered all the topics for the beginner to start the Windows Phone 7 development .

6 . Windows Phone 7 Jump Start

Series of Video and introductory sessions that covers Windows Phone 7 .

7. AppHub – Education

This comes directly from the Developer Account website that provides starter kits , code samples , articles etc

8. Tutorial Series on Windows Phone Mango from Kunal Chowdury

A perfect series of tutorials for Beginners wanting to get started for Windows Phone 7 Mango . Jeff in 31 days of WP7 talked about Windows Phone 7 and Kunal writes about Mango …

Already 20 + tutorials and going strong 🙂

Why Stopped at only 8 links… simply to round off 7.5 in Windows Phone to 8 🙂 . Just Kidding .

Are there any other interesting websites missed ??

Update :

9 . WindowsPhoneGeek

This site includes various sections like Dev articles , news  , tips and tricks etc .