How to Update Your Windows Phone 7 to 7.5 (Mango) RTM ?

It was just few minutes back that I got the update for my Windows Phone 7 ( HTC Mozart 7 ) .

Yes , its the much awaited Windows Phone Mango Update .

Until now I was using the Windows Phone 7.5 ( Beta ) Developer Build and now my phone officially has the Windows Phone Mango build 🙂

Microsoft has started rollig out the Mango Updates to the Windows Phone 7 users around the world .

The time that took me to update my phone to the Windows Phone Mango was some where 10-15 minutes . Very fast isn’t it ?

Developers who have the WP 7.5 Beta can update their Phones to the Windows Phone 7.5 RTM without having to fall back ro the backup taken intially during the provisioning process and the provisioning cleanup update is made available to the devices running the build 7712 .

There are 2 updates for the Developer Devices ,

  • Update to take your phone from build 7712 to 7720
  • Update to clean up the pre production provisioning and repoint your devics to the production update servers

To get going make sure you have the updated Zune Client installed …

To Update your Developer Devices to Windows Phone , Follow the steps below

1. Connect your Phone to the the PC , You will get an Message stating “An update is available . See below for details . To continue , click Update Now “. Available update : Update for Windows Phone 7 for ISV beta (7720) .

Click Update Now .

2. The Updates will be downloaded and installed . You phone will be restarted accordingly . Donot unplug your device from the PC until the update is complete .

3. Once the first update is installed , the Phone checks for Additional Updates .

4. ANother Update to clean up the Beta update provisioning  on your Phone will be downloaded and installed

Within few minutes , the Phone is updated to Mango RTM 🙂