Strange Visual Studio 2010 Error

Recently when i tried to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SDK , i got an error thats looked a bit strange .

The Error that i received was

“Setup has found an error before Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SDK or one of its optional components could be installed . You need to restart the installer to try again “

“Error Type : Microsoft.VisualStudio.Sdk.Setup.MissingPrerequisiteException
Errormessage : You might have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 installed on your computer before proceeding “

Just check the screenshot below . You will see that Visual Studio is already installed and is running in the background just for the taking the screenshot but still end up getting the problem .

So what is the problem ? . The Message is strange or funny ? . what do you say ???

Infact the message is correct to an extent that the setup is not able to detect the installation os the Visual Studio 2010 .

Only after few days i found that the Visual Studio 2010 was updated to Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1 and this is the reason why i am not able to install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SDK Setup . Instead , i ended up downloading the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SDK SP1 and installed it successfully .

It is quite sad that many developers miss out to check minute things when installation or development which includes me too in that category , then how do a normal user who does installtion do it perfectly…

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