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Python Program to Implement Queues using Stack

In this Python program, we will implement a queue data structure using two stacks. The idea is to simulate the behavior of a queue by using two stacks, one for enqueueing elements and another for dequeueing elements. This approach showcases how stacks can be utilized to achieve the functionality of a queue.

Problem Statement

Implement a queue data structure using two stacks to support enqueue and dequeue operations efficiently using Python.

Python Program to Implement Queues using Stack

class QueueUsingStack:
    def __init__(self):
        self.stack_enqueue = []  # For enqueueing elements
        self.stack_dequeue = []  # For dequeueing elements

    def enqueue(self, item):

    def dequeue(self):
        if not self.stack_dequeue:
            while self.stack_enqueue:
        if self.stack_dequeue:
            return self.stack_dequeue.pop()
            return None  # Queue is empty

    def is_empty(self):
        return len(self.stack_enqueue) == 0 and len(self.stack_dequeue) == 0

    def size(self):
        return len(self.stack_enqueue) + len(self.stack_dequeue)

# Example usage
queue = QueueUsingStack()

print("Dequeued:", queue.dequeue())  # Output: Dequeued: 10
print("Dequeued:", queue.dequeue())  # Output: Dequeued: 20

print("Dequeued:", queue.dequeue())  # Output: Dequeued: 30

print("Is empty:", queue.is_empty())  # Output: Is empty: False
print("Queue size:", queue.size())     # Output: Queue size: 1

How it Works

  • Two stacks are used: stack_enqueue for enqueueing elements and stack_dequeue for dequeueing elements.
  • Enqueue operation simply appends the element to the stack_enqueue.
  • Dequeue operation involves transferring elements from stack_enqueue to stack_dequeue only if stack_dequeue is empty. Then, the element on top of stack_dequeue is popped and returned.
  • The is_empty method checks if both stacks are empty.
  • The size method returns the combined size of both stacks.


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