My favourite features in Windows Phone Mango

Just downloaded and installed the Windows Phone 7 Mango Build (7712) for Developers and the Windows Phone 7 Mango really looks good.

Here are my 5 favorite features in Windows Phone Mango

1. Live Messenger and Facebook Chat

It is great to see this feature that allows connecting and chatting with Facebook and Live Messenger friends. The word integration suits more for Windows Phone. How about Skype? Wouldn’t it be a great feature if Skype too is part of Windows Phone 🙂

2. Facebook Tagging and events in Calendar

The WP7 Mango comes with Facebook tagging or face detecting for Facebook Photos.

3. Tiles and Office

Something that struck me when seeing the document list in Windows Phone was the tiles. When the Office is opened in WP7, you might see the documents in list style which is slightly modified to Tile based.

4. IE9 – HTML5 Support

The Internet Explorer 9 version is included that supports HTML 5.

5. Multi-tasking and voice recognition

The Windows Phone 7.5 has a better App Switching than Windows Phone 7 . Also the voice to text conversion when typing a message is a great feature

Not just these, there are also many other features like

I am just looking forward to try out the new features and write about them more detailed later 🙂