MCA Graduate in Christ University at Last

Studing MCA in Christ University Bangalore is a dream for lot of people and I am happy that I had an opportunity to study my graduation and post graduation in Christ University.

After 3 years of Hardwork and some good learning experiences,i finally graduated my Master of Computer Applications ( MCA ) from Christ College ( now known as Christ University ) and that too Secured a Rank ( Gold Medalist ) too.

As far as I am considered , its time for new challenges to look out for. I was in a same campus for almost 5 years doing both my BCA and MCA there and and I’m entering the world outside with the benefit of the incredible education that Christ College has given me.

I love the College atmosphere way too much and too long to be seperated from it. I feel certain that i will in some way remain in college (memories :-)).

Photos of the Rank Holders that appeared in one of the Leading Kannada News paper ( prajavani ).

My sincere thanks to all of you for taking part in the journey and contributing to my success.

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