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Introducing Rajini++ – The superstar coding language

In this post, you’ll learn about Rajini++ or Rajnipp, a python-based programming language taken from the popular dialogues of the Tamil Movie superstar Rajnikanth.

What is Rajini++?

Rajini++, sometimes known as Rajinipp, is a Python-based programming language with a simple syntax and keywords inspired by Superstar Rajinikanth’s popular dialogues.

Introducing Rajini++ - The superstar coding language

Aadhithya Sankar, a programmer, has published Rajini++ or Rajinipp, a Rajinikanth-based programming language for all programmers around the world.

Python 3.8 or later is required for Rajini++ or Rajinipp. Install the interpreter with the command ‘pip install rajinipp’.

Here’s a sample code snippet built with Rajini++

DOT "Hello, World!";

Who is Rajnikanth?

If you are in India and follow Indian movies and then you ask this question, you must be kidding. He has been in the film industry for almost 45 years and is one of India’s largest and most popular performers. You can check the Wikipedia page to know more about Rajinikanth

How to install Rajini++?

Rajini++ programs are interpreted and executed via the rajinipp package. You can install it using the pip command in Python.

pip install rajinipp

Some of the features that the language comes with include Math Ops, Unary Ops, printing, variable declaration, variable access, variable manipulation and assignment, datatypes, Logical Ops, If statement, If-else statement, functions with arguments, for loop, while loop, functions, and functions with return.

The program can be saved as .rpp file. In addition to rajini++ commands, the rajinipp Python package contains an experimental interactive shell for experimenting with them.

To be able to use Rajini++ and Rajinikanth’s dialogues for coding reasons is both entertaining and a proud moment for all Indian film fans and programmers.

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