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How to Factory Reset Your Android 11 Smart Phone?

In this post, you’ll learn how you can factory reset your smart phone powered by Android 11.

There are many reasons why you may want to factory reset your android phone. These may include

  • Your phone may be running slow and you want to ensure that you work on a device that was like a new one.
  • You want to sell your phone so you want to clear all the data in the phone.

Ensure that you take a backup of data on your Android phone before you do the backup so that you don’t lose the data.

How to Factory Reset Your Android 11 Smart Phone?

To reset your Android smart phone, follow the below steps

  • Navigate to the Settings -> System.  Erase all data (factory reset) under the Reset option and then select Erase all data.
  • You may need to enter the PIN of your android smartphone and soon you will find that the android device will be factory reset.

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