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How to Enable and Use the One-Handed Keyboard on Your iPhone?

The one-handed keyboard mode on the iPhone is an excellent feature for those who often find themselves struggling to type with both hands, especially on larger screen models. This mode allows you to shift the keyboard to either side of the screen, making it much more accessible for one-handed use. Here’s a step-by-step guide to enable this feature:

How to Enable and Use the One-Handed Keyboard on Your iPhone?

  1. Open a Text Field: Start by opening an application where you typically use the keyboard, like Messages or Notes.
  2. Bring Up the Keyboard: Tap on the text field to bring up the keyboard.
  3. Access Keyboard Settings: Locate the globe or emoji icon on the bottom left corner of the keyboard. Press and hold this icon.
  4. Select One-Handed Mode: A menu will appear. From here, you can choose the one-handed keyboard mode. Select the left-handed icon to shift the keyboard to the left or the right-handed icon to shift it to the right, depending on your preference.
  5. Start Using: The keyboard will immediately adjust to your selected mode, making it easier to type with one hand.
  6. Reverting Back: To return to the standard keyboard layout, simply press and hold the globe or emoji icon again and choose the central keyboard icon.

This feature is particularly useful for enhancing your typing experience on the go, reducing the likelihood of dropping your phone while attempting to reach for keys that are too far away.

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