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How to Create a Batch file in Windows 8 ?

In this article , we will explore one of the easiest way on how to create batch file in Windows 8 . The process of creating batch file in Windows 7 or other versions of Windows too remains the same.

What is a Batch File ?

Batch file is a text file that have some kind of commands in them or is used to execute a batch of DOS commands .

How to Create a Batch file in Windows 8 ?

There are various ways with which the user can create the batch file . The purpose of the batch file to executed has to be identified by the user creating the batch file and its context as well.

The batch files can typically be used to automate a process / task of the user.

To create a simple batch file in Windows 8 , Follow the below steps

1. Open Note pad.

2. Type the following

Echo off


3. Save the file as “batch.bat” on the desktop

4. From the Desktop , double click the “batch.bat” file to open the batch file and execute the commands in it . In the above example , ipconfig will be displayed.


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