Display IL code in Visual Studio 2010

Here’s a simple tip on how to display the IL code by running ildasm.exe inside Visual Studio 2010 .

The IL code will be displayed in the output window of Visual Studio 2010 .

To view the IL in Visual Studio , you must include the ildasm.exe to the tools menu using Add external tools button .

1. Click the Tools menu and then the External Tools.

2. In the External tools dialog , Click the Add button . Give the title name and select the path to the exe and the arguments . Make sure that “Use Output Windows” is checked to displa the result in the output window . Click Ok

3. Now , you should see the ildasm tool in the tool menu .

4. Open the Visual Studio 2010 Project/ Solution file . In this example i used my Windows Phone 7 Project .

5. Click ildasm in the tools menu . This will open the dialog’s menu asking for the arguments , click ok .

6. Now , the IL code should be displayed in the output window for the Windows Phone 7 project



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