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Common Errors on running Apps in Windows Phone 7 Device using Visual Studio

Did you get run the Windows Phone 7 Apps to the Device from the Visual Studio 2010 Express and get the following error

  • Zune software is not launched . Retry after making sure that Zune software is launched .

You get this error if you dont have zune software launched . When the Zune software is running , you should not see this error .

  • Failed to connect to the device . Ensure that the device is completely booted and is connected to the PC .

You get this error , when the Phone is idle or in sleep mode .

  • Application launch failed . Ensure that the device screen is unlocked and device is developer unlocked .

There are 2 reasons you might get this error for .

Make sure that the device screen is unlocked and also unlock your device for Development with the Windows Phone 7 Registration tool .

You can find them in the Windows Phone Development Tools from the start menu of your windows …