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C# Program to Print Hello World Without using WriteLine

This C# program prints the famous “Hello, World!” message to the console without using Console.WriteLine.

Problem Statement

Write a Program in C# to Print Hello World Without using WriteLine

C# Program to Print Hello World Without using WriteLine

using System;

class Program
    static void Main()
        Console.Write("Hello, World!");

How it Works

Using the Console Class:

  • In C#, you can interact with the console (the command-line interface where you can input and output text) using the Console class, which is part of the System namespace.

Console.Write Method:

  • The Console.Write method is a part of the Console class, and it allows you to display text on the console without automatically adding a newline character.

Code Explanation:

  • Here’s a breakdown of the C#
  • using System;: This line is an import statement that brings in the System namespace, which includes the Console class.
  • class Program: Defines a class named “Program,” which contains the program’s code.
  • static void Main(): This is the entry point of the program, where execution begins. It’s a special method in C# that serves as the program’s starting point.
  • Console.Write("Hello, World!");: Within the Main method, Console.Write is used to display the text “Hello, World!” on the console without adding a newline character. As a result, the text is printed on the same line.

Running the Program:

  • When you compile and run this C# program, it will execute the Main method.
  • The Console.Write statement will display “Hello, World!” on the console without moving to the next line.
  • After displaying the text, the program will exit, and you’ll see the output on your console.

Input/ Output


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