Using MySQL with Entity Framework in .NET Application.

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Are you looking for the support of MySQL with Entity Framework for developing a .NET Application using the MySQL database ? . If Yes , you can use the MySQL connector for .NET v6.6 which is available for download from MySQL downloads page.

The MySQL connector for .NET v6.6 is a fully managed ADO.NET driver for MySQL and supports Entity Framework .

Download and install MySQL connector for .NET v6.6 for MySQL with Entity Framework support.

You can download MySQL connector for .NET v6.6 and install the msi setup file from the MySQL downloads page .

1. Once installed , Just create a new Entity Data Model in the Entity Data Model Wizard .

2. Click the New Connection button to display the Change Data Source Dialog. You should see the MySQL Database in the list of Data source. Just select the “MySQL database” and click OK .

Using MySQL with Entity Framework in .NET Application.

Using MySQL with Entity Framework in .NET Application.

3. Provide the necessary MySQL database information and you are ready to start with the Entity Framework using the MySQL database.

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