Something is done for Delphi atlast

Embarcedero had recently announced the low cost version of Delphi and C++ Builder on the Current Release of XE Version of  product .

You can Download and view the features Matrix here

The move is really a welcome one from Embarcedero to provide the independent developers and the students , one of the best  Devlopment environment for Native Application Development at a low cost.

The move represents the recent talk in one of the popular community website on the topic “What  should be done for Delphi Now ” , But wait a minute , what are the restrictions of using the Delphi Starter Edition ??

Here’s something that i was able to find on the Delphi XE Starter Website

“if you’re an individual you may use Starter Edition to create apps for your own use and apps that you can sell until your revenues reach $1,000 per year.”

Well, Using the starter edition to try out personal application is fine , but restriction on using the Delphi XE starter edition based on the revenue is somewhat not ok . ( I was expecting something similar to Visual Studio Express Edition which is free and can be used for commercial use too ) .

So whats Next , its time for people who were talking about the the Delphi and its price being too high to try for a learning use / students ( including Me ) , here we go , you can buy it for around 199$.