Delphi is still sweet 16

Dont be confused on seeing the title . Its just an indication that today is the 16th Birthday of a Programming language called Delphi .

The first version of Delphi was released on February 14 , 1995 and Delphi is still considered to be one of the best tool among the Developers for the Native Development for Windows .

Delphi has seens lots of ups and downs in its 16 years changing hands with companies like Borland , Codegear and Embarcedero .

But all apart , Its time to wish the language Happy Birthday .

3 thoughts on “Delphi is still sweet 16

    • Good point Poitr ,
      Wiki says
      “Borland used the name Object Pascal for the programming language in the first versions of Delphi, but later renamed it to the Delphi programming language. However, compilers that claim to be compatible with Object Pascal are often trying to be compatible with Delphi source code.”

      So Piotr is delphi still an IDE for u or a programming language ???

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