Some things I dont like in Windows Phone 7 after one month of using it

It was a month back when i got my first Windows Phone 7 ( HTC Mozart 7 ) and after using it for a month here’s what i summarize of what i like and dont like in my new Windows Phone 7 .

My previous phone was Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 .Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 so comparing it with WP7 doesn’t make sense but yes , there is a huge transition and frehness that i can notice and feel when using my HTC Mozart 7 .

The Mozart 7 comes with 3.7″ S-LCD capacitive touchscreen and a resulution of  480 x 800 pixels .

The screen size is small when compated to HD7 , but somehow i feel smaller screen looks great in Hand and Pocket .

Coming back to the Windows Phone 7 OS , here are some things i did not like in Windows Phone 7 .

  • The start screen looks great with tiles , i can customize something on the homs screen , But when more applications are pinned to start screen , i might need to scroll a bit to find out my Application .
    How about a new feature request in the start screen? Here , i would like to see Microsoft giving the users more option to customize the start screen like creating categories and pinning inside them .
  • I was searching for profiles like Office Mode , Personal mode that can easily switch between them when i am @ office or at home ,nevertheless the existing feature to turn off the ringer is also simple .
  • How about supporting custom ringtones out of the box ?
  • When Importing the contacts from SIM , i had a problem where in i had 2 different users with the same name , one from facebook and other was only in SIM. Both were not related to each other ,but the contact was somehow merged 🙁 .
  • Secondary Screen , when filled with lots of application will again end up scrolling a lot . 🙁
  • The Marketplace is still not available for India , i had to do some kind of alternatives to install App to my WP7 .
  • The new Windows Phone 7 is more user friendly , user responsive . The update that i had last week was also done without any hiccups , but heard that there were some problem with some samsung phones 🙁 .
  • Another aspect that i liked in HTC Mozart was its Camera with 8 MP . simply awesome .
  • The Office integration is great but somehow creating an Powerpoint App is not possible in WP7 .

These are just somethings that i didnot like in WP7 , but overall i am happy with my WP7 .

I feel that there are lot of Good things than bad things in the Windows Phone 7, which makes me feel more excited for the updates that are on the way.