Python Program to Concatenate Two Dictionaries

In this program, we will create a Python script to concatenate two dictionaries. Dictionaries are data structures that store key-value pairs. Concatenating dictionaries means combining the key-value pairs from two dictionaries into a single dictionary.

Problem Statement:

Given two dictionaries, you need to write a python program to concatenate them into a single dictionary.

Python Program to Concatenate Two Dictionaries

def concatenate_dictionaries(dict1, dict2):
    concatenated_dict = dict1.copy()  # Create a copy of the first dictionary

    concatenated_dict.update(dict2)   # Update the copy with the contents of the second dictionary

    return concatenated_dict

# Input dictionaries
dict1 = {'a': 1, 'b': 2}
dict2 = {'c': 3, 'd': 4}

# Concatenate dictionaries
result_dict = concatenate_dictionaries(dict1, dict2)

print("Concatenated Dictionary:", result_dict)

How it Works:

  1. We define a function concatenate_dictionaries that takes two dictionaries (dict1 and dict2) as arguments.
  2. Inside the function, we create a copy of dict1 using the .copy() method. This ensures that we preserve the original contents of dict1 without modifying it.
  3. We then use the .update() method to update the copy (concatenated_dict) with the key-value pairs from dict2. This merges the contents of the two dictionaries.
  4. The function returns the concatenated dictionary.
  5. We provide two example dictionaries (dict1 and dict2) and call the concatenate_dictionaries function to concatenate them.
  6. Finally, we print the concatenated dictionary.