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The MarketplaceDetailTask lets the user to launch the Windows Phone Store and show the specified application’s details page in the store. When the

How to use the MarketplaceDetailTask Launcher in Windows Phone 8 with Oxygene?

To use the MarketplaceDetailTask launcher with Oxygene, follow the below steps.

1. Include the following namespace in the code behind file.


2. Create an instance of the MarketplaceDetailTask , specify the ContentIdentifier (appid) and then invoke the show method of the MarketplaceDetailTask object.

// developerpublish.com - MarketplaceDetailTask Launcher Sample
var marketplacedetail: MarketplaceDetailTask := new MarketplaceDetailTask();
marketplacedetail.ContentIdentifier := '548e4246-0e8d-4ed7-8fb6-fc7f085aab4d';
marketplacedetail.ContentType := MarketplaceContentType.Applications;

3. This should launch the specified Application’s details page in the Windows Phone Store.

Oxygene and WP8 - MarketplaceDetailTask Launcher

Download the sample source code on MarketplaceDetailTask Launcher in Oxygene and WP8 here