Oxygene and WP8 – MarketplaceHubTask Launcher

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The MarketplaceHubTask launcher lets the user to launch the Windows Phone Store from their Windows Phone App.

How to use the MarketplaceHubTask Launcher in Windows Phone 8 with Oxygene?

To use the MarketplaceHubTask launcher with Oxygene, follow the below steps.

1. Include the following namespace in the code behind file.


2. Create an instance of the MarketplaceHubTask , specify the Content Type and then call the show method of the MarketplaceHubTask object . The content type can be Applications of Music.

// developerpublish.com - MarketplaceHubTask Launcher Sample
var marketplace: MarketplaceHubTask := new MarketplaceHubTask();
marketplace.ContentType := MarketplaceContentType.Applications;

Download the sample source code on MarketplaceHubTask Launcher in Oxygene and WP8 here