Oracle Error RMAN-06306: ====================

Oracle Error Message

RMAN-06306: ====================

Reason for the Error

This message is issued in response to a LIST BACKUP DATABASE/TABLESPACE/DATAFILE command when some backups were taken with the PROXY option. If a recovery catalog is in use, then the information comes from the recovery catalog, otherwise it comes from the target database control file. The following fields are shown for each proxy datafile backup. Key: This is the unique key which identifies this proxy backup in the recovery catalog. This value can be used in a CHANGE command to change its status. If the target database control file is being used as the recovery catalog, then this field uniquely identifies this copy in the control file. File: The file number that this file was copied from. Status: This is the status of the file. Possible values are: A – Available U – Unavailable D – Deleted X – Expired Status ‘U’ will not be used if the target database control file is being used as the recovery catalog. Completion time: This is the date and time when the backup was created. This column will be printed in the default Oracle date format, unless overridden with a NLS_DATE_FORMAT environment variable. Ckp SCN: This is the checkpoint system change number (SCN) of the backup. The file contains all changes made at or before this SCN. Ckp time: This is the time that the file was last checkpointed. Handle: This is the media manager handle of the proxy backup.


No action is required.