Oracle Error PLS-00707: unsupported construct or internal error [string]

Oracle Error Message

PLS-00707: unsupported construct or internal error [string]

Reason for the Error

At run time, this is an internal error. At compile time, it indicates one of the following problems: — A call was made to a remote subprogram that has a parameter type or default expression not supported at the calling site. — An incomplete upgrade or downgrade was done to a database that has stored procedures. Perhaps incorrect versions of system packages such as STANDARD.SQL were installed. — A compiler bug was encountered. In such cases, legal PL/SQL syntax will fail to compile.


Either report the internal error to your Customer Support representative or, depending on the problem, take one of the following actions: — Revise the logic of the application to use parameter types and default expressions that are supported at both the local and remote sites. — Complete the upgrade or downgrade properly, making sure to install correct versions of all system packages. — Report the legal-syntax error to your Customer Support representative. If there are line and column numbers displayed with the error message, they might help you find a workaround. For example, try recoding the offending line to avoid the bug.