HomenewsNavigating the World of Cyclocross Live Streams Post-GCN+

Navigating the World of Cyclocross Live Streams Post-GCN+

As the cyclocross community adapts to the departure of GCN+ from the streaming landscape, fans worldwide are seeking alternatives to watch their favorite races. This blog post will guide you through various platforms available in different countries for streaming cyclocross events.

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The Shift in Cyclocross Streaming

With the end of GCN+, cyclocross fans have had to navigate a new terrain in the world of live sports streaming. This change has opened up opportunities to explore different services, each offering unique features and coverage.

Alternative Streaming Options for Cyclocross Live Streams

United States

  • FloBikes: Known for its comprehensive coverage, FloBikes remains a top choice for US viewers, offering exclusive access to Cyclocross World Cups.


  • Eurosport Player: A popular choice in Europe, Eurosport Player provides access to a variety of cycling events, including cyclocross.
  • Telenet and Sporza: In Belgium, cyclocross has a significant following, and these local channels offer extensive coverage.

United Kingdom

  • BBC Red Button: For UK viewers, the BBC Red Button service occasionally offers coverage of major cyclocross events.


  • FloBikes: Similar to the US, Canadian cyclocross fans can rely on FloBikes for a wide range of cycling events.


  • SBS Cycling Central: Australian fans can watch selected cyclocross races through SBS’s dedicated cycling platform.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Service

  • Coverage: Ensure the service streams the specific cyclocross events you are interested in.
  • Subscription Model: Consider the cost and whether the service offers a monthly or annual subscription.
  • Geographic Restrictions: Some services may have limitations based on your location.

The closure of GCN+ has certainly impacted how cyclocross is streamed globally. However, with a variety of alternatives available, fans can still enjoy comprehensive coverage of their favorite sport. Each country offers different options, so it’s essential to research and choose a platform that aligns with your viewing preferences and geographic location.

Stay connected to the cyclocross world and never miss a race with these diverse streaming services.

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