List of Files Created by a new Windows 8 Project

When we create a new Windows 8 (Modern UI) style App, the following files are created by default

1. Package.appxmanifest

  • This file describes the information related to the App like the App Name , Description , Logo , Capabilities etc

2. Assets

  • Image files (PNG) used by the App which will be displayed in the start screen. This also includes StoreLogo.PNG for your App identification in Windows Store and also Splash screen image file.

3. App.xaml and code behind file

  • This file contains the necessary information and handles various events that relate to the life cycle of the Windows 8 Modern UI App .
  • You can also change the start page of the Windows 8 Modern UI App from this page.

4. StandardStyles.xaml

  • This file includes some of the standard style used by the Windows 8 App.

5. MainPage.xaml

  • The first Page of the Application.

6. AssemblyInfo.cs

  • Contains the version number and assembly information of the Sourcecode.