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Java Program to Check Armstrong Number

In this Java program, you’ll learn how to Check Armstrong Number using the Java programming language.  

Armstrong Number– It is the positive m-digit number which equals to the sum of the m th powers of their digits. 

How to check Armstrong Number using JAVA Program? 

Example 1: 

public class Main  
    public static void main(String[] args)  
        int number = 153, originalNumber, remainder, result = 0; 
        originalNumber = number; 
        while (originalNumber != 0) 
            remainder = originalNumber % 10; 
            result += Math.pow(remainder, 3); 
            originalNumber /= 10; 
        if(result == number) 
            System.out.println(number + " is an Armstrong number."); 
            System.out.println(number + " is not an Armstrong number."); 


153 is an Armstrong number.


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