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HubTile in Windows Phone

HubTile is a Windows Phone control that is part of the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone .

This control enables the Developer to build a screen that has Tiles and somewhat similar to the Windows Phone start screen .

The HubTile in Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit has the following properties

  1. Title
  2. Message
  3. Notification

HubTile in Windows Phone

The HubTile is also randomly animated with effects

To create a HubTile on a Windows Phone Page , just drag and drop the HubTile control from the Visual Studio Toolbox .

The XAML for the HubTile should looke like this

<toolkit:HubTile Height=”174″ HorizontalAlignment=”Left” Margin=”21,29,0,0″ Name=”hubTile1″ VerticalAlignment=”Top” Width=”172″ />

Alternatively you can create the HubTile in the code behind too

1. Add the reference to the namespace “Microsoft.Phone.Controls”

2. Create an instance of the HubTile

HubTile hubTile1 = <strong>new</strong> HubTile();

Then set the HubTile properties Title and Message

hubTile1.Title = "hubTile1";

hubTile2.Message = "Welcome to hubTile2";

In the below screenshot , you could see the 6 HubTiles created on the Windows Phone Page …

HubTile in Windows Phone
HubTile in Windows Phone

If you noticed the background color of the HubTile , you might find that it is same as the Theme Accent coloe of your Windows Phone … 

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