HubTile in Windows Phone

HubTile is a Windows Phone control that is part of the Silverlight Toolkit for Windows Phone .

This control enables the Developer to build a screen that has Tiles and somewhat similar to the Windows Phone start screen .

The HubTile in Windows Phone Silverlight Toolkit has the following properties

  1. Title
  2. Message
  3. Notification

The HubTile is also randomly animated with effects

To create a HubTile on a Windows Phone Page , just drag and drop the HubTile control from the Visual Studio Toolbox .

The XAML for the HubTile should looke like this

<toolkit:HubTile Height=”174″ HorizontalAlignment=”Left” Margin=”21,29,0,0″ Name=”hubTile1″ VerticalAlignment=”Top” Width=”172″ />

Alternatively you can create the HubTile in the code behind too

1. Add the reference to the namespace “Microsoft.Phone.Controls”

2. Create an instance of the HubTile

HubTile hubTile1 = new HubTile();

Then set the HubTile properties Title and Message

hubTile1.Title = "hubTile1";

hubTile2.Message = "Welcome to hubTile2";

In the below screenshot , you could see the 6 HubTiles created on the Windows Phone Page …

HubTile in Windows Phone

HubTile in Windows Phone

If you noticed the background color of the HubTile , you might find that it is same as the Theme Accent coloe of your Windows Phone … 

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