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How to try C# 6.0 and Rosyln ?

C# 6.0 Features Series

C# 6.0 provides some cool features and how do the developers get the access to C# 6.0 to try out ?

How to try C# 6.0 and Rosyln ?

The best way to try C# 6.0 and Rosyln compiler is to download and install the latest version of Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview.

You can download and install Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Preview from Microsoft Download Center.

It is a ISO file (vs2015.preview_ult_ENU.iso) with the size of 4.4 GB .

Additionally , if you are using Microsoft Azure , you can spin up a new Virtual Machine image from the Gallery with Visual Studio Ultimate 2015 Preview and Windows Server 2012 R2.


You can download the NuGet Roslyn compiler package using the below command from the NuGet package manager console.

Install-Package Microsoft.CodeAnalysis -Pre

Additionally , you can install the below items if you are planning to build tools like diagnostics , refactoring or other code aware tools .

  • SDK Templates VSIX package
  • Syntax Visualizer VSIX package for the syntax tree to analyze

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