Delphi and Database Components

These following components have been used for the database access since the introduction of Delphi.

  • BDE ( Deprecated )
  • BDE and SQL Links ( Deprecated )
  • dbGO – Wrapper components for ADO
  • Interbase Express – Specialized interbase components
  • BDP – Wrapper for ADO.NET/Delphi ( Deprecated )
  • dbExpress

BDE ( Borland Database Engine )

  • These components are included in the latest versions of Delphi only for Backward compatibility
  • It is Not intended for new projects
  • It works based on the Connected Data Access technique.

dbGO ( ADO )

These components are still used in all types of database projects

  • It is a simple set of wrappers making ADO easy to implement in Delphi
  • It works based on the Connected Data Access technique similar to BDE .

Interbase database Components

  • It Gives full control over the Interbase database only.
  • No other Databases can be used.

BDP ( Borland Data Provider )

  • It is a Wrapper for ADO.NET
  • It is used with VCL.NET


  • It was introduced in 2000 ( dbExpress 1.0 ) – Delphi 6 – version 1.0
  • It works based on the Non-Connected Data Access architecture
  • It is Written 100% Pascal and is Extremely fast