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Creating ConnectionString with SqlConnectionStringBuilder Class in C#

The SqlConnectionStringBuilder was introduced in .NET 2.0 that is used to build the database connection string specific for the SQL Server.

The MSDN defines it as “Provides a simple way to create and manage the contents of connection strings used by the SqlConnection class.”

How to Create ConnectionString in C#?

The SqlConnectionStringBuilder is defined in the namespace System.Data.SqlClient and can help you build the connection string or even parse an existing connection string to retrieve the properties.

private void Form1_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
     SqlConnectionStringBuilder connectionString = new SqlConnectionStringBuilder();
     connectionString.DataSource = @".\SQLEXPRESS";
     connectionString.InitialCatalog = "MyDatabase";
     connectionString.IntegratedSecurity = true;
Creating ConnectionString with SqlConnectionStringBuilder Class in C#

Some other notable properties that SqlConnectionStringBuilder provides include

  • AsynchronousProcessing to indicate if the asynchronous processing is allowed for the connection .
  • UserID – Username for the SQL Server
  • Password – Password for the SQL Server
  • etc.


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    using System.Data.SqlClient;

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