Color Printing Extension in Visual Studio 2010

Did you know that Visual Studio 2008 supported the printing of the sourcecode in the color .?? . Yes , it does .

Have you noticed the feature in Visual Studio 2010 ? .

Just press Ctrl + p from the Editor , you migh end up getting a print something like in the below screenshot

This feature was somewhat missing in Visual Studio 2010 .By default , the printing is possible only in Black and White color.

But now , thanks to Microsoft , they have released a free color printing extension which enables us to print the sourcecode in color.

You can download the Color Printing Extension from the Visual Studio Gallery and install it .

or follow the following steps to install the Color Printing Extension .

1. Open Visual Studio 2010
2. Go to Tools – Extension Manager
3. Search for Color Printing , you will find the plugin in the online gallery .

4. Click Download and install

5. Restart your Visual Studio 2010 .

Now try the printing with the key Ctrl + P , you should be able to see a colorful printed page ๐Ÿ™‚

Note that the Color Printing extension  works only in Visual Studio 2010 Premium, Professional and Ultimate versions.

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