Collection of Free and Open Source Java Charting and Reporting tools

This article will list out some of the tools that the java developers can utilize for the charting or reporting in their java applications.

Recently , I was in a discussion with one of my friend about the possible charting and reporting tools in Java . Well , I am from Microsoft .NET background and was able to quickly list out couple of .NET charting tools from DevExpress , Telerik and Infragistics etc but in this case I wanted to explore the tools available for Java developers as well and hence had compiled few list of Java Charting tools.

Collection of Free and Open Source Java Charting and Reporting tools

In this article, I have listed out some of the java charting and reporting tools.


JFreeChart is a open source java chart library that lets the java developers to create professional charts that includes bar charts , line charts , pie charts , Gantt charts etc in their java applications.

Download JFreeChart from jFreeChart product website


JasperReports is one of the popular open source java reporting tool written in java and lets the developers generate web based and pixel-perfect reports with output in various formats like HTML, PDF, RTF, CSV, Excel etc.

Download JasperReports from JasperReports product page

Eclipse BIRT Chart Engine

BIRT stands for Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools . BIRT is an open source Eclipse based reporting system that provides reporting capabilities for the java based web applications.

Know more about Eclipse BIRT Chart Engine and download Eclipse BIRT Chart Engine here


JGraphT is another free java graph library which provides the mathematical graph-theory objects algorithms . Some of the graphs that it supports include weighted , unweighted , labeled graphs etc.

Know more about JGraphT here


Looking for a reporting tool similar to Crystal Reports ? If yes , DataVision is one of them . DataVision is a open source reporting tool that allows the developers to design reports using the drag and drop GUI. The reports can later be exported to HTML, XML, PDF, Excel etc.

Know more about DataVision here

Are there any interesting java reporting and charting tools that you have worked with . Feel free to share it via the comments section.