Windows Win32 Error 0x00003AA9 – ERROR_EVT_FILTER_INVTEST

In this post, you’ll learn about the Win32 Error “0x00003AA9 – ERROR_EVT_FILTER_INVTEST” that you get when debugging system erors in Windows.

The System Error Codes in Windows is a standard computer errors that occurs on Windows PCs. The System Error are usually intended for the developers troubleshooting issues related to the messages returned by the GetLastError.

Most of these Windows Errors are defined in the WinError.h file. The description of these error codes are very general and requires some bit of analysis to understand the exact issue.

Error Message


Error Description

A step operation must involve either a node test or, in the case of a predicate, an algebraic expression against which to test each node in the node set identified by the preceding node set can be evaluated.