VerySimpleXML – a lightweight Delphi XML reader and writer

Dennis D. Spreen , in his blog announces “VerySimpleXML – a lightweight Delphi XML reader and writer” that can be used for small well-formed XML files and Configuration files .

Dennis explains what VerySimpleXML supports and does not support .

Dennis also provides different possibilities of different components used for XML Parsing in Delphi that includes OmniXML , NativeXml, ADOM, SAX, libxml2, DIXml, fcl-XML, Fast XMLParser, SimpleXML .

In the above list , i am aware of the OmniXML  , SimpleXML , ibxml2 and have also used the TXMLDocument in Delphi some time back …

The Very Simple XML is available for Download from Dennis D. Spreen’s Blog .

Read more about VerySimpleXML and Download @ Dennis D. Spreen’s Blog