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Play Default Windows Sounds in your .NET Application

There are times when you want your Application to play default Windows Sounds when an alert message is displayed .

If you want to play different sounds that is defined in the Sounds and Alerts section of the control panel in your .NET Application , you can utilize the System.Media.SystemSounds class that is defined in the System.Media namespace.

This class contains 5 properties (static) which can be used to retreive the instances of the SystemSound .

Each of these also contain the Play method which is used to play the sound / defined in the Windows Control Panel .

These include

  • System.Media.SystemSounds.Asterisk
  • System.Media.SystemSounds.Beep
  • System.Media.SystemSounds.Exclamation
  • System.Media.SystemSounds.Hand
  • System.Media.SystemSounds.Question

If you want to play the sound all that you can do is call the play method as shown below






Incase , you use the MessageBoxIcon as one of the options while displaying the MessageBox , you will right sound based on the selected Icon too .

MessageBox.Show("test", "success", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Asterisk);