Open DBDiff for SQL Server

Last few weeks , I have been playing around with this cool tool called Open DBDiff .

As the name suggests Open DBDiff tool lets you compare the database schema for SQL Server 2005 or SQL Server 2008  . Its a simple and effectve tool for database schema comparision .

Open DBDiff is a open source tool and reports differences between two database schemas and provides the SQL Script that synchronizes both databases so that you can use the SQL script to upgrade the database .

Open DBDiff can help you synchronize

  • Open DBDiff can synchronize
  • Tables (including Table Options like vardecimal, text in row, etc.)
  • Columns (including Computed Columns, XML options, Identities, etc.)
  • Constraints
  • Indexes (and XML Indexes)
  • XML Schemas
  • Table Types
  • User Data Types (UDT)
  • CLR Objects (Assemblies, CLR-UDT, CLR-Store Procedure, CLR-Triggers)
  • Triggers (including DDL Triggers)
  • Synonyms
  • Schemas
  • File groups
  • Views
  • Functions
  • Store Procedures
  • Partition Functions/Schemes
  • Users
  • Roles

Download Open DBDiff for SQL Server 2008 here