Microsoft 365 Exchange Error Code 5.2.2 – Submission quota exceeded

In this post, let’s have a look at the error message “5.2.2 – Submission quota exceeded” that you get when working with Microsoft 365 Exchange Online.

These are the errors that you usually receive when there is a problem in delivering the email message that was sent by you. These errors are generated and sent by Office 365. This is usually alled as DSN which stands for delivery status notification or in simple words bounce messages.

NDR or Non-delivery report is one of the common type of message that you receive which indicates to the user that the email was not delivered.

Error Message

5.2.2 – Submission quota exceeded

Error Details

The sender has exceeded the recipient rate limit or the message rate limit as described in Sending limits.

This could indicate the account has been compromised and is being used to send spam. For more information, see How to determine whether your account has been compromised.