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Interesting Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows Phone Emulator

Below are some interesting shortcuts in the Windows Phone emulator which may help developers during the development and testing of their apps.

  • F12 (Once) – Try hitting F12 once in the emulator, the display will be turned off.
  • F12 (Twice) – Try hitting the F12 twice within the emulator. The beautiful lock screen will be display at this point of time.
  • Page Down – This will disable the hardware keyboard which enables the user to type with the PC’s keyboard
  • Page Up – This will enable the hardware keyword in the Windows Phone emulator.
  • F1 – Simulates the Back button in Windows Phone Emulator
  • F2 – Simulates the Start button in the Windows Phone Emulator
  • F3 – Simulates the Search button in the Windows Phone Emulator