How to modify Cellular Settings in Windows Phone using C# ?

You can access the Cellular Settings of the Windows Phone from your App by using the Launcher “ConnectionSettingsTask” .

The ConnectionSettingsTask will launch the settings form of the specified property of the ConnectionSettingsType .

The ConnectionSettingsType currently accepts AirplaneMode , Bluetooth , Cellular and WiFi .

To access the Cellular Settings form , just set the ConnectionSettingsType of the “ConnectionSettingsTask” to Cellular and call the show method .

This will launch the Cellular Settings form which allows the user to modify them .

To use the ConnectionSettingsTask Launcher , use the namespace Microsoft.Phone.Tasks;

ConnectionSettingsTask connectionTask = new ConnectionSettingsTask();
connectionTask.ConnectionSettingsType = ConnectionSettingsType.;



2 thoughts on “How to modify Cellular Settings in Windows Phone using C# ?

  1. Is it possible to change the settings without using the launcher? I only want a button that dissable the wifi for example, not a button that open the wifi configuration

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