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How to get the UniqueID of Windows Phone device using C# ?

How to get the UniqueID of the Windows Phone device using C# ?

In Windows Phone 7 , the developers can take advantage of the class DeviceExtendedProperties to get the unique id of the device .

The DeviceExtendedProperties which is part of the Microsoft.Phone.Info assembly also can be used to retreive the total memory , memory usage ,Device Name , Firmware version , hardware version etc and few other device information .

Below is a sample sourcecode that lets you get the uniqueid of the Device . It uses the extended device property list “DeviceUniqueID” to retreive the unique ID

object DeviceUniqueID;

byte[] DeviceIDbyte=null;

if (DeviceExtendedProperties.TryGetValue("DeviceUniqueId", out DeviceUniqueID))

DeviceIDbyte = (byte[])DeviceUniqueID;

string DeviceID = Convert.ToBase64String(DeviceIDbyte);


You should add the below entry to your WMAppManifest.xml file of your WP7 Project to actually get the Unique ID

When the above entry is missing in the xml file , you will get an UnauthorizedAccessException or Argument null Exception “Value can not be null.”

How to get the UniqueID of the Windows Phone device using C# ?

Reference : Device Information for Windows Phone