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Find Plasma Donors with Databank Website in Delhi-NCR

New Delhi is under crisis which is witnessing a major spike in COVID-19 / Corona cases. Hospitals in Delhi are running out of beds, oxygen cylinders, etc. Some of the hospitals are also a shortage of plasma. A few days back, Delhi Police has set up a website or a digital data bank of Plasma donors.

What is Plasma Therapy?

Plasma Therapy is one of the procedures that is used as a treatment for the deadly COVID-19 virus. It contains antibodies that help the COVID patients in fighting the virus. The plasma (which is a kind of liquid part of the blood) is extracted from the person who has recently recovered from COVID-19 and then the extract is injected into the COVID patient.

What is Plasma Donor Databank?

This is an initiative that is available on the official website of Delhi Police ( delhipolice.nic.in ). One of the positives of this initiative is that it will help the COVID patients in finding a suitable plasma donor and also help the plasma donors reach out to the people who need it.

How to Use Plasma Donors Databank Website?

  1. Visit delhipolice.nic.in
  2. Select the “Donate Plasma-Save Lives” button.
Find Plasma Donors with Databank Website in Delhi-NCR
  1. This will open a Google doc. If you are a donor, select “I am a PLasma Donor”. If you are a plasma recipient, select “I am a Plasma recipient (Patient/Care Taker)”.
Find Plasma Donors with Databank Website in Delhi-NCR
  1. Enter your details such as name, gender, age, blood group, location, contact number, marital status, Patient Id (if you are a recipient along with the Hospital details.

One of the Delhi Police’s dedicated team will keep an eye on the plasma requests and the availability.

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