Delphi Error – F2039 Could not create output file ‘%s’

Delphi Compiler Error

F2039 Could not create output file ‘%s’

Reason for the Error & Solution

The compiler could not create an output file. This can be a compiled unit file (.dcu ), an executable file, a map file or an object file.

Most likely causes are a nonexistent directory or a write protected file or disk.

Reasons why an output file could not be produced:

  • You don’t have the required write permission for the directory.
    • Check the access privileges of your application.
    • Make sure your source is not on a read-only drive.
  • The linker (RLink) has generated an error, possibly due to finding unexpected versions of the .dcu, .bpl, and .dcp files
  • The process (.exe) is locked by another process. For example, in debug mode, the debugger typically locks the executable.