Delphi Error – E2299 Property required

Delphi Compiler Error

E2299 Property required

Reason for the Error & Solution

You need to add a property to your program.

The declaration of a property specifies a name and a type, and includes at least one access specifier. The syntax of a property declaration is:

property propertyName[indexes]: type index integerConstant specifiers;


  • propertyName is any valid identifier
  • [indexes] is optional and is a sequence of parameter declarations separated by semicolons
  • Each parameter declaration has the form identifier1, …, identifiern: type
  • type must be a predefined or previously declared type identifier. That is, property declarations like property Num: 0..9 … are invalid.
  • the index integerConstant clause is optional.
  • specifiers is a sequence of read, write, stored, default (or nodefault), and implements specifiers.

Every property declaration must have at least one read or write specifier.

For more information, see the ‘About Properties’ topic in the on-line Help.