DB2 Error Code – -923 connection not established

In this post, you’ll learn about the error message -923 connection not established in the IBM DB2 database , the reason why it occurs along with the solution to fix it

IBM DB2 Error Message

-923 connection not established

Reason for the Error

The connection to DB2 failed for the reason indicated by condition, which can be any of the following:

DB2 not up
DB2 not operational
DB2 shutdown in progress
DB2 restricted access mode
Allocation error
DB2 – CICS attachment not up
DB2 – CICS ENTRY disabled
The object is dependent on facilities of a release of DB2 that is newer than the release that you are currently running (fall back).
DB2 restarted in light mode


If the connection failed because either DB2 or a required database, table space, table, or index was unavailable, wait until it is available before invoking the application again.

If allocation failed for an application plan, REBIND the plan to determine the problem.