DB2 Error Code – -84 unacceptable sql statement

In this post, you’ll learn about the error message -84 unacceptable sql statement in the IBM DB2 database , the reason why it occurs along with the solution to fix it

IBM DB2 Error Message

-84 unacceptable sql statement

Reason for the Error

This SQL statement is unacceptable to DB2.� One of the following has occurred:*�� An attempt has been made to PREPARE or EXECUTE IMMEDIATE a SQL� statement that cannot be prepared; The embedded SQL statement is not an SQL statement supported by DB2.


If the situation involves an SQL statement that cannot be prepared, the problem is in the source of the SQL statement, not the application program.� Thus, no action is necessary unless the source of the SQL statement is the application program itself. If the situation involves a SQL statement that is not supported by DB2, remove it from the application program and precompile again.