Dapper.NET Guide – Introduction to Dapper


Dapper.NET is one of the popular ORM (Object Relational Mapper) for .NET. It is an open source, light weight, fast, simple and easy to use ORM. It is a mini-ORM framework that is built directly on top of ADO.NET.

Dapper and the Developers

Dapper is developed by the Stack Overflow developers Sam Saffron and Marc Gravell to solve the N+1 and other performance issues they encountered with other ORM. You can know more about the story behind the development of Dapper.NET at Sam Saffron’s Blog.

Advantages of Dapper

One of the advantages of Dapper is that, it is light weight. It does not cover all the features that a nhibernate or Entity Framework provides. Dapper primarily focuses on simplicity and performance instead of covering every use case that EF and nHibernate covers. Dapper does not generate the SQL queries like Entity Framework but instead lets the developers work close to SQL. It only maps the result of the query to the POCO (Plain Old CLR Objects) classes

The performance of Dapper for the Select Mapping for over 500 iteration when compared to the Other ORMs with the POCO Serialization is great.


Source: https://github.com/StackExchange/dapper-dot-net

Which all the websites is the Dapper currently in use in production?

Dapper is currently used in the below websites

  • Stack Overflow
  • Helpdesk

Dapper is an Open Source project and you can download the sources from Github page.