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C# Error CS1525 – Invalid expression term ‘{0}’

C# Error

CS1525 – Invalid expression term ‘{0}’

Reason for the Error & Solution

Invalid expression term ‘character’

The compiler detected an invalid character in an expression.

The following sample generates CS1525:

// CS1525.cs  
class x  
   public static void Main()  
      int i = 0;  
      i = i +   // OK - identifier  
      'c' +     // OK - character  
      (5) +     // OK - parenthesis  
      [ +       // CS1525, operator not a valid expression element  
      throw +   // CS1525, keyword not allowed in expression  
      void;     // CS1525, void not allowed in expression  

An empty label can also generate CS1525, as in the following sample:

// CS1525b.cs  
using System;  
public class MyClass  
   public static void Main()  
      goto FoundIt;  
      FoundIt:      // CS1525  
      // Uncomment the following line to resolve:  
      // System.Console.Write("Hello");  

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