Book Review – .NET Windows Development Everyday Tips , Tricks and Optimization

A few weeks back i had got this book on “.NET Windows Development Everyday Tips , Tricks and Optimization”  written by Ablerto Poblacion and published by krasis PRESS .

The Book is some where less than 250 pages and dont underestimate the content of the book with the number of pages . You will find the Quality content with good .NET tricks especially useful for the Windows Developers .

The book covers some of the Tips, Tricks and Optimization techniques for Visual Studio 2005, Visual Studio 2008 , Visual Studio 2010 and the new features of Windows 7.

The Book attempts at providing solutions for some of the day to day or common problems faced by Windows Developers .
Some of the contents in the books that i found interesting were .

  1. Importing large amounts of data
  2. Controlling the new Taskbar ( Windows 7 )
  3. Ensuring that a form is only opened once
  4. Never forget to close your open Connections
  5. Complex Resizable forms
  6. Non-Rectangular Forms
  7. and many more…

You might find the book interesting and gain more from it if were struck up with similar problems earlier wherein you can adapt the solution described in the book .

I did find solutions for few problems I faced in the past in Windows Development . 🙂