I am an author of Windows 10 Development recipes using HTML and JavaScript

Its official now. The book “Windows 10 Development recipes using HTML and JavaScript” by Apress is officially out and is available from various sources for purchase.

I am happy to be part of this project as co-author together with my good friend Lohith GN, Pathik Rawal and Pryank Rohilla.

The journey towards this started sometime in October-November 2014 when myself and Lohith decided to write a book on Windows 10 during. Writing on Windows 10 is fine but which language do we choose? With good amount of experience in Web Development and Windows Phone development as well, we thought of targeting the Web Developers and providing them enough resources to get them started with the Windows 10 universal app development.

That’s how the project started. We then had few discussions with Gwenan Spearings from Apress and finally came up with the title and the table of contents and kick started our journey.

I have to thank few of our other friends (Karthikeyan Anbarasan and Vidyasagar) who contributed to the book in the initial stages and provided the necessary inputs on the contents and later had to move out because of some personal commitments. Special thanks to them for getting involved in all the discussions and input they had for us.

I have been writing blogs for quite some time but writing a book is a completely different experience. The book gave me an opportunity to explore Windows app development in depth. With almost more than a year plus of efforts, we got our book completed 🙂

The year 2016 started off in a good note. The book was officially published on Jan 2, 2016 and I couldn’t believe that the efforts that has been put in has finally paid off. Here’s the cover page of the book Smile



In this book, you will learn how to develop Universal Windows platform (UWP) apps using the Web Development technologies. The book focuses on using WinJS for developing the UWP apps and is more of a recipe kind of style targeting the Level 100 and Level 200 users.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my co-authors, Gwenan, Melissa and the Apress team for working patiently inspite of the missing few deadlines and getting this out in the market.

Atlast, I can call myself as an author ;). Hope that you will read the book and let me know the areas I can improve upon.

The book is currently available for purchase from Amazon and various other channels mentioned below.

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